The Center For Business Leadership Development

The Center for Business Leadership Development (CBLD) is a vehicle for delivering business solutions through education (knowledge acquisition) and training (skills development) developed by The Business Leadership Development Corporation, Nigel Brooks, LLC, and TechKnowPartners, LLC. CBLD offers private and public live seminars, eseminars, and private tutoring. Seminars and private tutoring, coaching, and mentoring services are offered in the facilities in Tempe, Arizona, and in other locations as appropriate.


Seminars offered for both private and public audiences include:

These seminars are of interest to entrepreneurs, lifestyle enterprise owners, executives, managers, professionals, and the enterprises they serve. Enterprises include businesses, not-for-profit associations, and government agencies. 

Business Leadership Development

Private tutoring, coaching, and mentoring services include:

  • Personal and professional development – entrepreneurship, leadership, and management
  • Personal business plans
  • Business planning, development, execution, and performance measurement for entrepreneurial and lifestyle business ventures
  • Functional knowledge and skills development: marketing and sales, finance and accounting, operations, human resources, and information technology

Private tutoring, coaching, and mentoring services are of interest to those making career transitions, and considering starting or growing a business.


A central theme to the material delivered by CBLD is Enterpriship, the notion of building enterprises through three disciplines: entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.  The enterpriship disciplines are of value to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, professionals, and the enterprises they serve.

The principles of enterpriship are taught in The Guide To Business Leadership Development seminar (themed “The Nigel Brooks Seminar“).  The presentation material for this seminar is available free of charge to the public. Live versions of this seminar are available to private audiences.


Understanding Personal Styles is offered as a private seminar; however, a webinar version is available to the public:

Payments process via TechKnowPartners, LLC, an affliated company.

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